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*PREORDER * - SMAFOLK organic cotton long sleeved top WE ARE THE FUTURE


LIMITED EDITION Organic cotton top from Smafolk's to support orphanages in Ukraine.

For every top sold, Smafolk will send a piece of garment to an orphanage in Ukraine, 

the tops are a PREORDER, they will be ready in June/July

Message from Smafolk's founder:

Help me help orphanage children in Ukraine. 🇺🇦❤️
For many years, small people have supported children in orphanages, mothers and children who have lost their husbands and fathers in the war that has actually taken place for a long time in Ukraine, and now the situation is even more terrible.
I have been working with Jacob since 2014 to help children at Children's Home in Ukraine.
Jakob has collected more for Ukraine than the entire EU combined, everything from hospital equipment to children's clothing from Småfolk. You can find him and his organization on FB, search for: help Ukraine.
I really want to help even more on the request from Jacob and that's why I designed one
T-shirt and for every 1 T-shirt sold donate Småfolk 1 style to Jakobs organization, and then he makes sure that they come out to orphanage in Ukraine.
I can't do this without you as I'm just a small family business and if I'm going to get the T-Shirt production home by June I need you to place your order asap.
On the other hand, my donation will be sent to the organization "HELP UKRAINE" already in 3 weeks when I know the number of T-shirts sold.
By the way, I can tell you that it is the only organization that has access to drive all the way into Ukraine, so it is an important donation you are part of ❤️
A few years ago the Ukrainian embassy got a new ambassador and some of the first things he did was visit with his wife here at Småfolk to say thank you for our help, - that's not why we helped (but because 2000 aircraft carriers are heating up kids in a cold country)
Greetings from Tana
( Mother of the little people )

 95% Organic Cotton  5% Elastane

Småfolk recommends washing clothes inside out.

 30 Degrees Do not tumble Iron Do Not Bleach Do not dryclean Oeko-tex

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