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MOOMIN STACK A HOUSE stacking cups


The Moomin Stacking Cups is a traditional playset that adapts well to children in many ages and stages. The set includes seven numbered cups that can be placed one inside the other for easy storage. The cups can also be stacked up to create a Tall Moominhouse.

Each cup equals a floor in the Moominhouse. The largest cup includes a picture of the front door together with Mrs. Fillyjonka and her children. In the second cup, Too-ticki is sitting on top of the porch roof. The third and fourth cup feature windows: one with Moomintroll and the other with Snufkin. Cup nr. 5 features Stinky while Snorkmaiden can be seen on cup nr. 6. The topmost floor display Little My. Once the cups are stacked, add a separate piece to complete the house with the roof.

Stacking cups is a versatile and educational toy. The cups include holes in the bottom so they can be used in the bath as well. The numbered cups provide a fun way to get acquainted with basic counting and volume concepts. And the cups can be included in almost any play: use them as make-believe pots, bowls, drums, hats – whatever comes to mind. Great for the small Moomin fans!

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