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MOOMIN canvas tote bag MOOMINS and THE SEA #OURSEA

size: 1 size

Unbleached canvas tote bag with handles featuring Moomins and the sea scene

40 x 40cm

The Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted seas in the world. We must take urgent, concrete action on multiple fronts, and time is running out. We need to change the course now. The fact is that we only have one sea, and that sea is in danger. But if we work together, we can save it.

To mark the Moomins’ 75th birthday in 2020, Moomin Characters Ltd has launched the #OURSEA campaign together with the John Nurminen Foundation and the campaign will continue until 31 July 2021. The goal is to raise funds to save the Baltic Sea and its unique cultural heritage.

The John Nurminen Foundation measures to protect the Baltic Sea have been extremely successful. Thanks to their efforts and co-operation with multiple partners across the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Finland’s annual phosphorus load has been reduced by as much as 75%. This is a world record in marine protection!

Help the Moomins and the John Nurminen
Foundation save #OURSEA


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