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Pippi Longstocking book and accessories bundle giveaway!

The 2015 has marked the 70th anniversary of Astrid Lindgren's Pippi Longstocking first book!
We are celebrating that event with a give away of a prize worth over £70. One winner takes it all!
The prize consists of a bundle of books and accessories (books courtesy of Oxford Publishing and accessories from Funky Little People).

There are 3 different editions of the books, 3 illustrators and 3 translations making it a lovely selection for any fan.
The prize will also contain a set of wooden coasters, safety reflector and card holders with Pippi. All the items are pictured above!

To be in the chance of getting the prize, collect as many points as you can in the below Rafflecopter app, please note, you can collect 5 points everyday by retweeting the 1st option in the tab below! The winner will be announced on Monday the 11th! Good Luck!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway



Congratulations to all contestants, here is a list of the lucky winners who will receive a Smafolk monkey top:

Stacey G. - size 1-2 y

Liz W. - size 2-3 y

Sammyjo - size 3-4 y

Anu S - size 4-5 y

Janette E. size 5-6 y

Thank you for taking part in the fun!

  • NAME THE SCANDINAVIAN BRAND competition:  (closed now)

  • please identify 6 different names of Scandinavian clothing companies who made the garments in the Birthday collage below (yes, we love yellow!), you can be one of 5 lucky winners of the MONKEY top pictured in the centre. Deadline is 15th of March ( HINT - all of these products are currently being sold at Funky Little People).

    Email the answers to info@funkylittlepeople.co.uk or via a contact tab in the bottom right corner and choose a size of the top you would like to win (1-2 years, 2-3 years, 3-4 years , 4-5 years. 5-6 years).  
    If your answers are correct, your name will be put in a hat and I will draw the results on Monday the 16th. GOOD LUCK! 




     FEBRUARY BUY AND WIN - buy any Moromini product this month and have a chance to win one of 3 Fair Trade canvas shopping bags! winners announced early March!

    The 3 lucky winners are:

    1. Jennifer C.

    2. Elke R.

    3. Elizabeth W.

    thank you, your Moromini bags will be posted to you on the 6th of March!




    Welcome to another exciting competition with Funky Little People!

    this time we are here to celebrate the amazing work of Tove Jansson on her anniversary year and we strongly encourage you to take part in this contest as the prizes are just amazing:

    1 x bedding set by Finnish Finlayson,


    1 x mug and bowl set featuring Sniff and a cat by Arabia,

    1 x brushed cotton kids blanket by Klippan,


    1 x Moominmamma and her kitchen by Martinex,


    and finally 1 x MOOMIN MYSTERY PRIZE by Funky Little People!


     please take time to read the terms and conditions below, entering the contest will be seen as an acceptance of those T&Cs.

    1. only one entry per person,

    2. no purchase necessary,

    3. no cash alternatives can be offered and the prizes are not transferrable,

    4. no personal data related to the contestants will be disclosed to third parties,

    5. your email will be added to Funky Little People's database of fans,

    6. all entries to be sent to info@funkylittlepeople.co.uk in a language of your preference but please provide an English translation, you can use the contact button below or email us directly,

    7. all entries must be received by the 31st of December,

    8. all entries will be published on www.funkylittlepeople.co.uk and social media disclosing only your first name and country of origin,

    9. the competition is open to all Moomin fans around the world,

    10. winners will be chosen by the 15th of January 2015 by Funky Little People and a jury from Bulls Licensing (the company behind the legal usage of Moomin images),

    11. your entry should be max 5 sentences (lines) long, only one Moomin character must be chosen to be described and an explanation of your choice should be given,

    12. please state your preferred prize in case you were one of the 5 lucky winners, that is to avoid disappointment,

    13. all prizes are genuine high quality products and the RRP value of each prize ranges from £40-£50 approximately,

    14. each prize will be carefully packed and posted by Funky Little People to the lucky winners' addresses they have supplied,

    15. in case of any queries, feel free to contact Anna at info@funkylittlepeople.co.uk or via Facebook, Twitter pages.

    16. you must absolutely love the Moomins to enter!

    Who will be your best Moomin character ever? a vagabond Snufkin?
    cheeky Little My? perfectly organized Snork? caring Moominmamma?
    Speak from your heart, share the Moomin love!
                                      GOOD LUCK!© Moomin Characters™


    HERE ARE THE FANTASTIC ENTRIES, thank you so much for taking part in the fun, I loved reading your little stories, poems and Haiku!


    by Peter

    Snufkin is an idler extraordinaire, a wanderer, a poet, a musician.

    Snufkin lives by the perfect maxim: "Today we must do something very special, for it will be a glorious day!".  

    Snufkin sees the world in the most beautiful terms: “One can never be truly free, if one admires someone else too much."

    Snufkin is effortlessly brilliant, clever and free --- forever living in the moment, and enjoying it to the full. “‘Tonight is the night for a song,’ thought Snufkin, ‘I’ll think up a new song that is one part anticipation, two parts pining for spring, and the rest a joyous declaration of how wonderful it is to be alone and at peace with yourself." 

    by Katja

    I am in total awe of the goddess that is Moominmamma! She has a name with lots of mmmm’s, she never moans about her figure and she is an amazing mum, which is why I want to be her!
    There is no greater love than moominmammalove, she has the most amazing calm and laid back attitude to child rearing.
    When the kids are flying about on the clouds she tells Moominpappa not to worry as she told them to be careful!
    Every issue can indeed be resolved with a good cup of tea and plenty of food in your tummy!
    by Anu

    Little My, Pikku Myy, Lilla My we love. 
    We all have bit of My in us, me myself lot of. 
    She bites with her teeth and words as well, 
    and that reminds me of my little boy I tell. 
    by Estrid(4 years old)/Melissa(Mum)

    Mummy calls me Little My because I sometimes try to hide;
    Daddy calls me Little My when I sometimes try to decide!
    I may be small like Little My but I’m brave like her you see,
    And I’ve chosen her because she’s just a bit like me!


    My son Roscoe whose favourite moomin character is Moomintroll. Moomintroll is his favourite because: 'he is funny and kind to snorkmaiden. And he has troll as part of his name even though he is not like a troll and doesn't live under a bridge'.

    by Josephine(10 years old)

    Moomintroll is my favourite Moomin character becausee he is adventurous, like the wind not caring where to go next, for every new place is a new adventure!
    Considering Moomintroll is a boy, he is very generous, and can sometimes quite accidentally fall in love with a weird object.
    He also loves Moominmammas cooking, most of the time coffee and pancakes.
    Moomintroll is a very kind Moomin who tries to make everyone happy in Moominvalley; even the Hattifatteners, Stinky and the Groke.
    I'd love to be Moomintrolls friend, we'd go to the beach and explore the cave or go to the Lonely Mountains and do rolypolys down the hill together. 

    by Hesther (7 yrs old)

    My favourite Moomin character is Thingummy because I think he talks in a very cute way and he's quite friendly. 
    If he was my friend, we woud play hide and seek and he would surely win, as he is always hiding from the Groke.
    I think his favourite food is MoominMammas pancakes, if there is any left.
    He likes looking for stones and jewels and he'd keep all of the shiny ones

    by Philippa

    It has to be Moominmamma - creative, busy and loving, always.
    Her mysterious black handbag contains who knows what treasures ... shells for decorating the garden, tools for carving the first tiny wooden sailing boat of the year, her knitting.
    And of course her red currant juice is always on hand to make everyone feel better.
    Her pancakes are legendary.
    We Mums look to Moominmamma as a domestic Goddess!

    by Marina

    Our family love Moomintroll because we would all like to be a bit more like him in 2015. He has such a great sense of adventure and fun. Although very naïve and a bit gullible, he’s enthusiastic, extremely good-natured and views the world with absolute wonder. He is spirited and lives life to the full, enjoying the simple pleasures like collecting stones and shells. He is utterly charming and I think the world could learn a lot from Moomintroll's approach to life!

    by Antonia

    I love Nibling because although not an integral character he is quite cute at times and actually no one really loves him! Even the Hemulen at orphanage wouldn't take him because of the angle of his tail. And moomin mama tries to send him back but still he stays and creates mischief with the moomins telling other peoples secrets and eating much of the furniture in the moomin house!

    by Caroline

    Kind Hemul so pale
    Collecting Flowers and Friends
    So like my Father

    by Doris

    Little Snorky Maiden
    You are a real beauty
    You are so pretty and cutey
    Always well combed and groomed
    And of course perfumed
    Little Snorky Maiden
    Little lovely heroine
    Never, ever have I seen
    Anyone as pretty as you
    I enjoy your beauty—I do, I do, I do
    Little Snorky Maiden
    What colour do you wear today?
    Is it a green, a blue, a red or grey?
    But no matter what hue
    You are always true, always you
    Little Snorky Maiden
    Your anklet is golden
    As is your heart
    And I’m sure your soul
    As a whole
    Dreamin’ dreams of beauty
    And of a charming prince
    Is the Snorky maiden
    The loveliest ever since
    Who can compare to her?

    by Alex (10y)

    From his tiny ears to his wildly fluffy tail, he is the kindest, bravest and best friend you will ever meet! I choose Moomintroll for my competition entry because me and him have a lot in common such as we both try to see the best in people and not hate them, we both like exploring and we are both told by friends and family that we are kind, caring and adventurous. We both are very interested in the things we see such as why do clouds come out the shape they are? We do have our differences though, such as he can swim and dive really well but I can hardly swim and I definitely cannot dive! If I do not get picked, life will just carry on the same, it won’t turn upside down because I will still be a fan of Moomintroll forevermore.

    by Jan 

    Snork is dreaming in the meadows,
    Whisp'ring of a moomin groom to come,
    Smoothly like the flowers all around her.
    And the clouds squint down from heaven,
    Dust is tins'ling in the summer sun.

    by Ylva

    Slightly cunning, mostly honest
    Sometimes crazy, sometimes modest
    Just on the outside she can be slightly boast
    These are the reasons why I love My the most.

    by Henrik

    Just like Snufkin I am a nomad.
    I love my freedom and the wild green grass.
    When my pipe is lit I dream of the south where I go during winter.
    I am a free spirit that lives of the land.
    I like the word freedom  and not to be fenced in.

    by Irene

    I'm mad about Moomin--he's often in a spot of bother yet always manages to get himself out of trouble with the help of his friends. There is no other cute and cuddly, lovable and snuggable character that picks me up on the gloomiest of days. I'd travel the world for him and I'm just over the Moomin that we're finally going to Finland to meet him in person! 

    by Jason

    It's stinky that we love the best, even though we like the rest.
    Contrary to popular belief, stinky isn't just a sneaky thief.
    Some people say that he is devious, but we just think he is  mischievous.
      We feel he is misunderstood, we're sure he's really very good.
    So give him a chance and you will see, he's cute and furry as can be.

    by Petra

    The Groke is the moomin I feel close to, but also would like to help. She is lonely and radiates cold, whilst seeking warmth and comfort. Her ghostlike persona seeks to find a way to enjoy company and closeness, but she cannot help but extinguish these emotions. Like me (perhaps!) her scary appearance is off putting, but inside, she yearns for acceptance and love.

      and the winners (everyone is a winner!) are:

    - Snufkin by Peter - mystery gift
    - Moomintroll by Alex - bedding set
    - Stinky by Jason - blanket
    - Hemul by Caroline - mug and bowl set
    - Snorkmaiden by Doris - kitchen play set

    every winner will be emailed to confirm the details and ALL RUNNER UPS will be sent a £5 voucher code to use anytime on anything in the shop as a thank you for taking part in the competition! The vouchers will be sent by the 7th of March, please contact me if you haven't received it. 

    THANK YOU!!!




    IMPORTANT UPDATE: The competition is closed now and the winners have been chosen by Polka Theatre, here are the 2 winning entries:

    Congratulations Tanseem and Theo!


    Here are some of your entries:



    Polka Theatre from London has produced a fantastic Moomin show based on Tove Jansson's "Moominsummer Madness" as a part of the TOVE100 celebrations across the globe.

    The Moomins will be on stage as of the 11th of June to 16th of August. Here are the details of a little contest the theatre and us have got for you:

    Colouring in competition for any young Moomin fans which’ll give you the chance to win one of two sets of family tickets (for four) along with a Moomin goody bag (from us).

    Click on the image below for more details and good luck!

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