Muurla's products are born by combining Finnish design, high-quality materials and over forty decades of experience in production.
The products are designed especially for the important moments of everyday life, as well as special occasions. Our collections are designed to be easy to use, durable and timeless.
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MOOMIN Muurla candle 8cm IN THE GARDEN
MOOMIN Muurla candle 8cm HAPPY FAMILY
MOOMIN Muurla candle 8cm THE RUSH
MUURLA glass straws set
V MUURLA silicone lid for enamel 3.7dl mugs PINK
MUURLA silicone lid for enamel 3.7dl mugs BLUE
MUURLA silicone lid for enamel 6dl bowls
MUURLA silicone lid for enamel 3dl bowls
57 results
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