New addition to Funky L.P - Danish Smafolk!

    and so here it is - THE brand of the brands - the desired best of Scandinavian design and quality -  SMAFOLK!

   Why have I decided to become a stockist knowing loads have done that before me and those of you who are familiar with the trends of my shop, know that I like to be a seller of designers less known and I tend to promote small family businesses rather than great big well known names?

well, the number one reason is pure sentiment... Smafolk has been one of the very first brands to introduce me to the fabulous world of Scandinavian clothes for children.

   I loved everything about that Smafolk top that landed in my hands those few years ago, the retro design, bright colours, the exquisite quality of the fabric and most of all the very fact how it stood out of the poor crowd I have gathered on my son's clothes shelves.

   All those points I have mentioned so far - sentiment,design and quality I will now put on a scale with another factor that's equally important to me as the above three. It is OEKO TEX certification. It's that little card attached to every Smafolk garment saying that the item has been tested for harmful substances. All components of the certified garments are tested, the textiles, threads, buttons,zips, linings etc.  


   A company that produces children's clothing and bothers to make sure their products are safe for the little ones is especially close to my heart, Such clothes would never be manufactured in China but most often in small European factories, I can safely put the clothes on my kids knowing there is no residue left from fabric dyes or any other chemicals used in yarn production. I know that the clothes have not been to round the world trip to reach my shop and they have not been shipped in containers treated with toxic gases a left over from the fumigation process, a necessary – sometimes mandatory – operation to kill micro-organisms and pests before transport, in order to prevent the introduction of parasites, bacteria and diseases into the importing country...

 Apart from keeping a small stock of Smafolk tops, I will try and keep more unusual items of Smafolk vast production line, I will always stock their thin lightweight blankets, like this one I have now:

There will also be cosy home slippers - moccasins coming near autumn time, some socks and tights and a few more surprises! Hope you will like my choices and if there are any requests, I will gladly listen to them and try to help!

thanks for taking time to read my new post!


Anna Szoplik


Anna Szoplik

Dear Kelly
I love Smafolk’s prints too! As far as I know as most brands like these, Smafolk has got their own designers and that’s how the pqtterns come to life ;-) the only way I can help you is Smafolk posters I have, I will email you shortly with some more details.

Anna Szoplik

Hi there,

I love the prints that are used in Smafolk’s clothing. Do you have any information on where you can get those prints? I want to decorate my childrens rooms, furniture etc with prints like this but I can not find them anywhere.


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